Some customers are happy with ordinary products. Not PUREA customers. But they are not ordinary either.

About us

Someone looking for the best quality would look to a huge corporation. Anyone with customised wishes will turn to a small family enterprise. And a person who wants both goes to PUREA. We address individual customer requirements, turning collaboration into a long-term partnership.

  • Experience since 1942
  • 2 sites in Austria
  • around 200 employees
  • protected brand

"Anyone can have the best, most modern equipment. We also have the employees who personally commit to quality and to our mission.”

Christian Weinberger, Chief Operation Officer

Our Production

We are not a manufacturer of pet food. But we think like one.

Our Certificates

A quality product is one aspect. This is the other.

Environmental protection

A large share of equipment on our production site exclusively serves environmentally friendly production.

Social sustainability

We value ethical and social sustainability. We promote fair pay and true equality.


Animals deserve the best feed. We have measures in place to ensure the fullest enjoyment.

Our Team

We are a friendly and communicative team.
But when it comes to quality, we don’t joke around.

Friedrich Hausberger

Chief Sales Officer

Benedikt Kohlbacher

Key Account Manager
Proteins & Fats

Sabrina Krainer

Sales & Logistics

Margit Preuner

Sales & Logistics

Ioana Morariu

Sales & Logistics

Andrea Pilz

Sales & Logistics

Markus Humer

Head of Innovation & Sustainability

Christian Weinberger

Chief Operations Officer

Matthias Engelbrecht

Key Account Management
Raw Material

Robert List

Head of Raw Material Management

Michael Greifeneder

Head of Logistics

Stefan Scheucher

Prokurist/Standortleitung Gabersdorf

Gerhard Klein

Prokurist/Standortleitung Regau

Wolfgang Wiesauer

Technical Coordination-
Development & Innovation

Hermann Baumgartner

Chief Finance Officer

Cornelia Schlögl

Head of Human Resources
Financial Management

Marianne Grailer-Rohrer

Leitung Rechnungswesen

Franz Posch

Leitung IT

“Innovation does not happen by chance. We will only impress our customers if we constantly question ourselves and reflect on how we can improve even more. We truly live this innovation culture.”

Gerhard Klein, Production Manager


We don't rely on rapid analysis or estimates. We want reliable facts and precise values.

Quality standards