We cannot completely eliminate surprises, but we can thoroughly test for them.

Our promise

The removal of foreign bodies begins even before the materials get to us. Our partners are fully trained and carefully observe our specifications for raw materials. We remove any remaining foreign substances by means of a multi-stage process.

I don’t rely on estimates or rapid analyses. Those would save time, but that’s not the goal. I want reliable facts and precise values”.

Petra Hofmeister, Quality Assurance

Our process

Foreign Body Management ensures the purest quality:

  • Strict selection of the origins of the raw materials
  • We largely pick up the goods ourselves in our own vehicles
  • All raw materials are inspected upon delivery
  • Reallocation of material that does not fulfil requirements
  • Multi-stage procedure to identify and remove foreign bodies
  • High-tech processing lines
  • Internal laboratories
  • Strict specifications for suppliers

Tierische Nebenprodukte sind wertvoll.

Ordnen Sie Material sicher zu und sichern Sie dadurch Qualität in der Verwertung.

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